SEO Consultant for German

Who is Dani Leitner?

I am not a great fan of “about you” pages – as they are often used to demonstrate how great the person or company is. Big slogans, mission statements, academic degrees – a lot of bullshit that’s not really important to you.

So I will just answer some questions you actually should ask me at this point of investigating if we should work together.

Where did I learn German?

If you are looking for someone to manage your SEO for German countries, that’s quite an important question you should ask.

I am native in German.

We actually talk a form of German dialect in Austria. And that’s what I am talking with my family. It is like the Swiss German.

But this dialect does not exist officially. So writing, watching movies, or talking to Germans we all use the same language which we call “higher German”.

That’s the language you are looking for – although talking a dialect has a great advantage. I can actually understand almost every form of German – as I am used to hearing a lot of different dialects.

The thing is there are differences in German of Germany, German of Switzerland and German of Austria. Especially in some words. And it is a big advantage being born in Austria, Living in Switzerland and have German friends.

Where did I learn SEO?

The next thing you want to know is if I have an idea about SEO or just made a website and that’s it.

I need to admit that I haven’t studied marketing, language, or anything else that would lead logically to a career in SEO. I have been an IT Project Manager for some time, then decided to change and study civil engineering before I actually found a SEO agency to work for.

So I learned SEO on the job.

That puts me in a great position. Because I have learned SEO from the sources the agency said are the most useful for our job. Then I practiced analyzing many websites of clients. And finally I planed SEO strategies, implemented them on client websites, tested every assumption I had, corrected strategies if necessary, and learned what is really working and what is not.

Which makes learning a lot more interesting than reading a textbook or some best practices.

I haven’t stayed at this first agency, I worked for another one here in Switzerland and I experimented with my own projects.

What are you waiting for?

More information? Someone filling out the form for you? That winter is coming? Your website won’t rank better while you’re waiting – so just fill out the form and let’s do the job.