You are looking for a

German SEO Specialist

to optimize your Website for the German Market?

That’s great – because that’s actually exactly what I am doing.

Hi, I am Dani, a SEO Specialist from Zürich.

I am a native of German and come from Austria, although I live in Switzerland now. I am specialized in the German market, which we call “DACH”-Area. DACH stands for D-Germany, A-Austria and CH-Switzerland.

Why would you need a native to enter the German Market with your website?

SEO is not just about translating pages and keywords – I have seen many sides who do just that. And I can tell you we natives notice. And with notice, I don’t mean in a good way.

On top of that, you should never underestimate the slightly different culture you have from one language to another – and one country to another.

All of this comes natural to me – of course because that is where I grew up, the language I spoke all my life and the culture that I was raised in.

And you don’t want to step into a “Fettnäpchen” (e.g. make a big error that turns out to be embarrassing for your brand) when entering a new market.

Let’s make your German side worth it

Contact me and let’s talk about what we can do to bring your website to the front in Germany, Austria and/or Switzerland.